So I’ve been dreaming about this mysterious man… [EXTREMELY LONG] :- Bifold closet doors.

Issue by piiirate: So I’ve been dreaming about this mysterious man… [Really Extended]?
[My dream is a prolonged story. I would like to notice that there is absolutely no dialogue. Also, I will refer to my mysterious guy as "the man".]

So my dream begins off with me, in an old medieval-ish city, but at the identical time not actually midieval-ish, and I somehow know exactly what is likely on. Some kind of dictator has come into the town (think Hitler-ish) and he has taken more than. He plans on killing every person in it by flooding the entire place with red scorching lava, and By some means I know all this. So, I try to escape. Nevertheless, I see that his guards (he is obtained a total army) have commenced rounding up the citizens, creating confident they cannot leave. I begin to panic understanding that if I am caught, I, also will be rounded up with the rest of them. Then suddenly, a person my age runs by and he commences to pull me absent (I have a challenging time jogging in all my dreams, so this is quite a regular expertise for me), and I realize that he, too, is striving to escape. We sneak out of the town and understand we will not know in which to go. We see some other people who have managed to escape the tyrannical dictator, and see that they are all headed in the very same route despite the fact that they are scattered during the land. We choose to adhere to them for a little bit, until we get to a position exactly where there are two group-like residences. The people that have managed to escape are all headed toward the identical one particular, but we choose to go to the other a single, which is appropriate next door. We go inside the property, it is instead cramped within, but we take pleasure in the feeling of security. Then quickly, we listen to screams and we appear out the window. The other home that everyone else went to is on hearth, and there are several soldiers outdoors. We realize that the dictator has discovered them out, and they will most probably hit our home up coming! But as I am contemplating these ideas, we listen to the door downstairs becoming forcefully hit at (we are upstairs). It can be the troopers! And they’re likely to come for us! I don’t know what to do, so I hide in the closet. Evidently, ‘the guy’ failed to know what to do both and unfortunately, he didn’t hide. But this portion happened extremely speedily, and I barely managed to get into the closet and near the door so I don’t blame him. Two soldiers arrive in, and I can see via the crack in the door. ‘The guy’ tries to take them the two on and manages to get one knocked out, but the other soldier has acquired him and it appears like the conclude. So, I pop out of the closet and hit the soldier which is obtained ‘the guy’ as challenging as I can and handle to get him off and knocked out way too. I can see that my douleur pal ‘the guy’ is substantially weaker. We determine to climb out the again window because the entrance door does not seem to be to be an choice any longer. We get down and recognize we are in an alley and we could either go right or left. I stated we really should go right, so we did, and we began jogging because we surely did not want to get caught. As I turned the corner I noticed the army of troopers! Except they ended up struggling with the opposite direction and so failed to see me. Considering that I was running nonetheless, I recognized that I was about to operate into them, but in a flash the mysterious guy set his arm out and I didn’t operate into them. I guess it really is tough for me to begin/end running in desires. We quietly still left the bunch and made the decision to go still left from in which we climbed out the window. Nonetheless, when we turned THAT corner, we observed one more army of troopers, except this time they had been heading our path. We recognized we had been trapped and tried using to turn back again to the unique proper course, but the soldiers that hadn’t at first observed us ended up coming our way also. They came at us each sides and I was so afraid, but at the exact same time I felt so rebellious. There was no way I was heading to comply with this dictator particular person who had killed off an entire city! The soldiers circled all around us, and their chief, the dictator, came out. He introduced us with food, which I am not positive just what it was, but it was small. It was made crystal clear to me and my douleur companion at once that they were poisoned, and swallowing them would destroy us. I struggled against my will as a soldier held me down and the dictator experimented with to power the food in my mouth when all of a sudden, “the person” volunteered to try to eat mine. He grabbed the food from the dictator and ate it. I was get over with emotion, that he would do these a thing for me. After he died on the floor, I recognized that there was one particular a lot more “foods” since they have been intended for us, and we have been two men and women. I struggled right up until the stop in opposition to opening my mouth, but they received it in with tremendous pressure, and I, way too, died.

This concludes my dream.

Any interpretations?

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Solution by Sam
You have an imagination.

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  1. Max1 says:

    Sounds like a much more militant and thriller type version of Romeo and Juliet.

    I think you should develop this story and write it, maybe as a novel. Some people dream stories that they are meant to write. Ever ask yourself “where did that writer GET that story idea?” Now you know where you get yours: dreams. Write it. Work out details such as why the dictator would WANT to kill the whole city (dictators normally strive for power, but if you kill off a population, there’s no longer anyone to have power over…)

    Just a suggestion.

  2. Hely P says:

    wow very interesting you should write a novel :o

  3. Michael says:

    Before I get started in interpreting your dream I would like to explain my motivations for doing so.My pure motive is only to help people understand their dreams and to direct them into the inner Light of the Universal Subconscious Mind.I am directed by God who dwells therein to only tell truth and to give it as best I can.To dream that you are in a strange city in something like mid-evil times denotes a sorrowful occasion in the way you have been living.When you dream of a Hitler-like dictator means you have many false friends.And to see killing of any kind prognosticates much sorrow and complete failure in your affairs.But when you sought shelter in that house you thought you would cheat yourself by justifying that you did it to hide from danger.By looking out the window confirmed that and because of it you lost any respect that you might have had otherwise.A bad omen for the people that were killed in the fire of the other house.Because that is the mental state of your conditions and it says you just don’t really have any remorse for the people that you have done ill to in the past.That’s why you have nothing but these false friends around you because you just don’t care about anyone but yourself.To escape out of the window indicates that your troubles are unmercifully tied to your personality and that it would take a good shaking up to let go of them.As far as you ending up in an ally goes means that the reason you have these false friends has a lot to do with the stigma of your sordid character. Of course you are trapped and you let yourself be there by being outwitted by these false friends of yours.And the underlying result that I get from you being forced to take the poison denotes that these evil influences are taking its toll.And to have actually died in your dream foretells that you will have the worst ill luck and live a very unhappy life if you don’t turn within to the Great Spirit and repent of all this evil that is in you.You must denounce this life and be “re-born”into Divine Consciousness to live.Peace,Michael.

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