Q&A: ok what i said a while ago :- Bifold closet doors.

Question by babyface69: okay what i mentioned a even though in the past?
i located a pair of underwear that my wife had wore they ended up some that would be wore if you ended up likely out with a man to have sex she had place them beneath some close in the closet is an pocket e-book an i have by no means noticed them befor i really like intercourse but i cant with her yet again so all i like eating an all is gone out the door an i enjoy oral but not with her no far more or am i wrong

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Solution by dede
why dotn you attempt speaking to her about it ahead of you ruin your marriage with these accusations

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  1. dons says:

    Sentences pal, you can’t unsderstand a damn thing.

  2. caressa t says:

    I think that is perfectly normal if you suspect cheating then you are right for not wanting sex of any kind

  3. porque lloras basil? says:

    well… sometimes when i wear my ‘sexy underwear’ it is for one of two reasons… i either ran out of clean underwear to wear. or i want to already have them on for when i get home, to seduce my husband. maybe she planned on turning you on with her ‘sexy underwear’ but you ticked her off so she took them off. she may have hidden them because she didn’t want you to know that you were going to ‘get some’ that night.

    the purse…. i have so many purses, my husband has never seen them all. it may have just been one she had put away and decided to use it one day. maybe she spilled something in her regular purse and grabbed the next one that matched her outfit. it could be anything. please don’t jump to conclusions. my husband was VERY jealous our first year or two of marriage, for no reason whatsoever. i have been 110% faithful to him every day of our relationship, but during this time he almost ran me off! i got tired of being accused of somthing i hadn’t done! it gets aggervating! the best thing to do, is to tell her that if she wants to have an affair, to let you know so you can leave and not put yourself at risk for an STD. it is a different world that we live in today. STDs are a reality and quite rampid! if you suspect she is cheating, please make her aware of this fear you have, and that if she wants to be with another, then you will calmly collect your belongings and leave. and do just that. but don’t accuse her of cheating because you found a pair of her underwear or a purse you don’t remember seeing. that is not grounds for accusation. a condom wrapper… THAT is a red flag! unexplained phone calls, another red flag. anything else…. could be so very innocent. and not worth ending your marriage over. i wish the best for you both.

  4. theladygeorge says:

    Your not wrong but baby it’s over. What you guys had is in the past. It’s a new relationship and new rules. If the good sex is now over shadowed with a nasty feeling then forget about it that may never come back.
    So you know for a fact those are hers? you know for a fact she was cheating on you?
    Cheating will destroy a relationship in an instant. Either you come to terms with it & work it out or pack your bags and find a way to heal your broken heart.

  5. junkman says:

    I added some periods, I think you found some underwear for sex, in a purse, can not have sex with wife, you are eating, moving your stuff out the door, no oral with her,, Get her to tell you the truth,,

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