How is this bedroom theme idea? any suggestions – Bifold closet doors.

Problem by S A: How is this bed room concept notion? any tips?
I’m redoing my area. My walls are pink and my wooden furnishings is a medium wood tone and I have a closet with mirror doors and a white carpet (Alright so its not Precisely white little bit off white) So I have an concept for decorating it, but I need to have an impression and possibly a few ideas first….
So I’m getting the furniture painted black and the place will have a white trim. I am getting black image frames as an accent and inside of will be these a few stylish black and white images I have (may require suggestion on how numerous frames and what measurements). I am putting a rather black and white lamp on my nightstand. I will have a black piano in the corner of my room. Hows that so much and are there any suggestions for more or far better decoration? Make sure you do not say the fashion sucks lead to it may possibly suck for you but I adore this fashion, thank you. Also if I can have references to stores that would be very beneficial. Thank you!

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Answer by wfhscheergirl
I Love Really like Love for household furniture.
It may possibly not be specifically what you want, your going for a lot more simplistic and I genuinely like that idea.
They have enjoyable stuff and tons of awesome accessories for your space, if you do just black and white and nothing else you may want to place some cool accent items up, maybe even a small color. The black and white could bore you soon after a whilst.

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  1. ebabsto says:

    try accenting colors that will play up the pink walls, maybe a lime to pale green (depending on the brightness of the pink) or a tourquoise accent color. or paint the walls red. with the black and white, it almost makes me think of zebra print, which always goes well with red. ooh, and a big fluffy rug in one of the accent colors, or pink. you know those shaggy, hairy sliky looking ones.

  2. Nanc says:

    I’ve always wanted a black piano…lucky you! :)

    There are some good ideas for black and pink decorating online. Wake up Frankie may give you some thoughts. I’ve also pulled some other websites that offer pink and black color schemes for bedrooms for you.

    Here’s an idea from a Yahoo interior decorator:
    “If you’re willing to go “all out”, then consider a striped wall. You can keep large white stripes, to keep it light, but add pink and black stripes.

    If her room is tall, vertical stripes would play off the ceiling in a good way.

    If her room is wide, horizontal stripes would play off in a good way.

    If you’re not really into “all out”, then perhaps an accent wall?

    Paint all the walls white with one pink accent wall…?

    Or, just paint all the walls pink. If you have white trim, this will look stunning!

    Add white, pink, and black accents to complete the look.

    By the way, it seems as though you really love your daughter, as you’re trying to give her the perfect room. Major props for you! :)
    2 months ago
    Aspiring interior designer”

    You can also check out some of the interior design photo sites

    Check out this site for more pink and black ideas as well:

    You could add a bit of “poodles in Paris” accents with a comforter or pillows. That could be kind of fun:

    You don’t have to go all out like this either. But you could add a French theme. You might find some fun vintage accessories to add to your room?

  3. Ponyboy says:

    I can recommend a great place that will be able to help you out. The website is They are a new Interior Decorating Consultancy and you can contact them for help via their Contact page.

    Good luck.

  4. meier t says:

    if only black&white, make as less quantity as you can. too many black+white will become mess.
    and how about wall? i think icecream white is better and 100% white.

    some bedroom decorating pictures, maybe you can refer:

  5. mab5096 says:

    Sounds nice. Here are some comforters that may work for you.
    (with pink accent pillows)
    Hang some shimmery draperies like these:
    Good luck!

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