Elisabeth Hasselbeck Shares Poem About Death of Osama Bin Laden on “The View” :- Bifold closet doors.

bifold closet doors

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is making waves after sharing a poem she wrote about the death of Osama Bin Laden. The co-host of The View and wife of former NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck (not to be confused with current quarterback Matt Hasselbeck) said she was concerned over what she would tell her children about the death of the terrorist behind the 9/11 attacks. Here’s what she came up with: “Osama Bin Laden was a very bad guy He hurt many people, don’t ask me why We shot him in the head and now he is dead Now close your eyes and go to bed.”
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25 Responses to “Elisabeth Hasselbeck Shares Poem About Death of Osama Bin Laden on “The View” :- Bifold closet doors.”

  1. greenwoodonearth says:

    Well to offend me, it requires a little more (just a little ;D). I was curious. Because your sentence made no real sense to me. Anyway, as you start removing your comments you seem to have other interests than me.

  2. MyJustified says:

    @greenwoodonearth We are done, I am sorry if I offended you

  3. greenwoodonearth says:

    You leave it up to me, to bring up your arguments and maybe illusions of the world? Ok. If you remember 9/11 then you will get MY point! Hahaaa. So… are we done now?

  4. greenwoodonearth says:

    Why is the world better without Osama Bin Laden. Didn’t get that one.

  5. MyJustified says:

    The world is definitely a better place without Osama Bin Laden but there was something about that poem that was really disturbing and unsettling

  6. EvolvedParadigm says:

    To be remarkably physically beautiful, while at the same time disgustingly unattractive… one must __(fill in the blank)__.

  7. nilbud says:

    @kkboxer20 So how’s that been working out then genius?

  8. KrfNYC2 says:

    @closetmonsterjesse Why is everybody criticising her for this? I’m assuming that is the case. I wouldn’t say that Osama was a bad guy. I don’t even know him. But the poem didn’t seem like a big deal to me.

  9. Nikki051480 says:

    Elizabeth is an idiot, her tv career should have ended with Survivor! She made a point of saying President Obama “continued” the work of Bush and that was what led to Bin Laden’s death….Bush shut down the mission to find him!!! ELIZABETH SHUT THE H**L UP BUSH GETS NO CREDIT FOR OSAMA BIN LADEN’S DEATH!!!!!!!

  10. xomiakas says:

    @industrialcaulk Blasphemy! What wicked magic is this?! OR IS IT?

  11. industrialcaulk says:

    @xomiakas Or maybe you just didn’t notice that I’m not the person who you originally replied to. Miscalculation on my part? I think not.

  12. Blitzun says:

    She had to read that off a card? Has she got the memory of a goldfish? Also she got the rhyming structure for a limerick wrong. Dumb bitch with more children than brain cells!

  13. tumh2odude says:

    That they applauded and she gets a hug from Baba Wawa like she just did something great shows how insipid and pathetic this show really is. Why do they even discuss real news if this is the kind of pablum they churn out? Total crap.

  14. closetmonsterjesse says:

    stupid fucking bitch

  15. xomiakas says:

    @industrialcaulk Or a miscalculation from your side.

  16. industrialcaulk says:

    @xomiakas I don’t understand why it would. I think there may be some miscommunication.

  17. xomiakas says:

    @industrialcaulk Do not forget that this renders your comment invalid.

  18. industrialcaulk says:

    @xomiakas I think that’s a good idea! You’re smart :)

  19. nicolemanning16 says:

    joy behar is a retarded libtard

  20. kkboxer20 says:

    @realrapshit1 I don’t know if Tim Osman died ten years ago or maybe that he’s still living somewhere. Ohh.. and by the way, I don’t watch the news, I know it’s full of shit!

  21. kkboxer20 says:

    @realrapshit1 I fucking know that he’s real name is Tim Osman and that he worked for the CIA. Why do you think I said that Bin Laden´╗┐ is a fictional character?

  22. realrapshit1 says:

    Osama Bin Laden has not been found and will never be found because he died a long time ago (2001). This may be news to you because it wasn’t in the news. Google: Tim Osman

  23. rainbowpills says:


  24. Sonyag1 says:

    Elizabeth has air sailing between her ears….

  25. thoimonoko says:

    bin laden is gr8

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