Cody Simpson – 2010 Australian Kids’ Choice Awards Performance :- Bifold closet doors.

Cody Simpson performs “iYiYi” at the 2010 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in Australia! Get “iYiYi” on iTunes now:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Watch Me Perform “On My Mind” with Cody Simpson We Shot This at B96′s Summer Bash. Special Thanks To Styles & Roman, Erik Bradley and Cody Simpson. Web http Twitter http Facebook Management For Keenan Cahill

50 Responses to “Cody Simpson – 2010 Australian Kids’ Choice Awards Performance :- Bifold closet doors.”

  1. lululuvspurpleninjas says:

    @jewelandloreeshow cuz i usted to love him

  2. TheNerdyboy1 says:

    anybody else notice in the video responses it say “ily cody simpson!” thoguh her name is MRSBIEBERJBHOTTY…..

  3. jewelandloreeshow says:

    @lululuvspurpleninjas So? Why do you care?

  4. missdianajmissdianaj says:

    hey they are both great. -ps. CODY SIMPSON IS A BELIEBER AND HATES HATERZ!

  5. lululuvspurpleninjas says:

    @jewelandloreeshow yea but jb is dating salena

  6. jewelandloreeshow says:

    @yaSminzPs Don’t say that. I <3 Cody and JB and they can’t be compared. They’re both amazing :)

  7. aba2304 says:

    @MissTheGossipGirl But it took Justin a while to do that too….

  8. SimpsonizerNiki143 says:

    @123tharek Where abouts is the Miz???

  9. 123tharek says:

    who notice if u watch wwe u saw the miz

  10. viaramos09 says:

    @yaSminzPs lol, my little sister sat on her justin bieber cd. (; she told me she hates him. and I have no idea why

  11. Skittlezz48 says:

    @studiomoviemaker2035 Hater Much.? Yeaa I Think So Wel Then Why The Fuck Are You Watching This Video.? Haters Are Motivators.!!

  12. studiomoviemaker2035 says:

    the best is justin bieber
    cody is gay he like the human man

  13. ashjess1225 says:

    Justin who? Oh that kid that Cody took over for yeah i know him whyy wassup?

  14. kaykay125374 says:

    heyy dont be mean to jb hes cool to just cuz theres a new singer!!!! cody is awesome though!!!

  15. heyitspaige1001 says:

    everybody puts their hand up not for justin though lolz

  16. luckycharm6541 says:

    @yaSminzPs are u crazy

  17. smileyysasa says:

    ya, me too..

  18. rashasalim123 says:

    umm 1:07 what is cody simpson doing lol :P hot but….

  19. rashasalim123 says:

    0:42 fail lol!

  20. TheGblah says:

    i went to the kcas i won a modeling comp! so i got to go to orange carpet vip area, free ice cream, popcorn, candy floss, free lollies AND FREEEE GIANT LOLLIE POPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. aLeXrUmBoS143 says:

    i wonder wat slime tastes like…?

  22. cestlavierose says:

    @MissTheGossipGirl just because he’s more popular doesn’t mean he’s more talentedddd….both of them are talented

  23. enjoyme485 says:

    @wwjd2797 u got that right !!! xD

  24. babybottlepop02 says:

    the best part is between 0:00- 3:42!!

  25. MissTheGossipGirl says:

    @yaSminzPs you’re the loser girl. he’s so much less talented then Justin! he made a movie, a book, a perfume and he donate to charity. yeah i’m wondering who’s the loser now.

  26. 123anno123 says:

    who the fuck is that kid?

  27. porsche177100 says:

    ahh cody so hawt

  28. MsNeonBacon says:

    funnie face xD

  29. JPEmusic says:

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  30. xojbiieberxo says:

    damn cody… sexy!

  31. ilovemusic008777 says:

    No one is probably gonna read this

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    i’m a singer

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  32. FunzyModding says:

    2 balls

  33. FunzyModding says:

    cody’s heart looks like to balls

  34. josientje78 says:

    cody simpson isn’t sinning

  35. OoAzuraoO says:

    keenan is not even funny in this video

  36. Chariqueen says:


  37. juliaarendss says:

    aahw thumps up if you think it’s really sweet. c:

  38. justinamybieber says:

    his this hot because his a aussie!♥ high five aussie girls and cody ;)

  39. MissEmelyke13 says:

    cody is sooooo HOT!! <3

  40. hallooooo04 says:

    Bestes :D mir als Junge Gefällt das mehr wie bushido oder so xD :D x3

  41. catty59645 says:

    so fake

  42. mjlover982 says:

    hahahahahaha lol love u cody!!!! funny

  43. nina14101997 says:

    omg Cody <3<3<3

  44. iNumaness says:

    @isabella00010 Yes, he is

  45. Destyzulfa says:

    haha crazy !! xD

  46. MaisDariwsha says:

    @isabella00010 yes :)

  47. xXxD4RKSTARxXx says:

    @unicorndolphi WTF?!?!?

  48. iZeTaDragon says:

    what the hell ???

  49. isabella00010 says:

    is he really ther with him?

  50. lvecchiarello says:

    2:40 lol keenan.. oh gosh

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