Ramzi ft Ash King love is blind OFFICIAL VIDEO LYRICS – Bifold closet doors.

(LYRICS ) I see you all the time Never see you smile I attempt to photograph what is going on in your mind He leaves you each night by oneself He took your enjoy and put it on the shelf He doesn’t truly treatment… how you experience… You should be moving on woman what’s the deal? I wanna see you out that door… cause lady you know you are really worth considerably much more So child tell me why you stick about Usually lonely and you only wear a frown He do not deal with you good and you know The only issue left is for you to go You shouldn’t reside a lifestyle with an individual When deep inside you know he ain’t the one particular I really don’t know what to say no more I wanna see you out that door Yah azizi (yo precious) is mahini (pay attention to me) I genuinely really don’t wanna see u cry Mujko samjho dil peh mat lo (realize me don’t get it to heart) Really don’t wanna see an additional tear in your eye Baby break away Allow him go I don’t know what he’s done to you But I know that it is time to move on Woman your love is blind Girl I understand That you are scared And you feel that you may well never ever really like again But infant that ain’t correct No no no I know that there some there for you A person that will see That you are really worth An undiscovered treasure on this earth Lady you know you are well worth a lot much more I wanna see you out that door Yah azizi (yo treasured) is mahini (listen to me) I genuinely really don’t wanna see u cry Mujko samjho dil peh mat lo (realize me do not take it to heart) Do not wanna see one more tear in your eye Baby break away Let him go I do not know what he’s completed to
Video Rating: four / five

King Sunny Ade & His African Beats execute stay at the Triple Door in Seattle as component of the 25th anniversary of The Finest Ambiance on KEXP. Recorded 6/29/09.

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50 Responses to “Ramzi ft Ash King love is blind OFFICIAL VIDEO LYRICS – Bifold closet doors.”

  1. citcoot says:

    love diz song !!!

  2. TheJohnking1990 says:

    best song walla

  3. 22werda22 says:

    Love this song soooo much!!!!

  4. PrincessaBina007 says:

    Beeest Soong . Respekt ,
    i Looove this sooong ..

  5. 95Farizauz says:

    i love this songs so much and nice video))))

  6. duderockz87 says:

    Amazing song wid true feelings n amazing lyrics…!!!!!!!

  7. nnonn01 says:

    Love this song…. A lot of feelings….

  8. alaosod says:

    good thanks

  9. diadgr8 says:

    @MsMarllen and also Urdu/Hindi.

  10. Ahmedalshamary says:

    Really good song I heard him every day

  11. madzia6259 says:


  12. yj852 says:

    i really like it man…..

  13. KomalKrisha says:

    Best Songg Ever Love Dis Songgg…Itsz Stuck In My Head Da Whole Day :)

  14. ameera7162 says:

    @MsMarllen thanks :)

  15. MsMarllen says:

    no, they are speaking English and Arabic!!

  16. MsMarllen says:


  17. MsMarllen says:

    there are speaking Arabic and English!!

  18. ninjamister says:

    @ameera7162 Look at description:)

  19. ThePeja01 says:

    Is The Best…..
    I Like This Song….♥♥♥

  20. MeJustSkinAndBones says:

    song* >< sorry

  21. MeJustSkinAndBones says:

    i love this sing from the bottom of my heart…

  22. ameera7162 says:

    Are they speaking Hindi and
    Arabic? what does it mean? I really love this song its for my sister :) goes perfectly!

  23. ameera7162 says:

    Are they speaking hindi and arabic? what does it mean? I really love this song its for my sister :) goes perfectlyc

  24. ameera7162 says:

    Are they speaking hindi and arabic? what does it mean? I really love this song its for my sister :) goes perfectly

  25. megadantata says:


  26. 001968ajetomobi says:

    i ove my country no place like home can u see this nija i dey miss u

  27. 3azabb says:

    loooooong live the King

  28. plentystuffs says:

    I like the way the band mates are pretending not to be seeing this rollling art.The bald man on the right is too guilty with this frowning face and roving eyes and the king’s expression is too serious to be taken seriously that he aint looking.

  29. plentystuffs says:

    Idi to soro-Bottom wey dey talk-Bum thats got a mind and language of its own-Power somethings

  30. aitan844 says:

    @writerscrampshurts am not bothered as long as you know where the beats came from .. lol!

  31. oladapo007 says:

    Baba!! Viagra dey for Body. Like Onyeka said ” this thing dey holla”

  32. sunny9886 says:

    King sunny ade i dey feel you no be small

  33. Oyanudo says:

    Aunti Taiye ati Kenny ko serious! :)

  34. writerscrampshurts says:

    @aitan844 to be politically correct I would not say that I have writers cramps just a name! Remeber in order for you to read these comments……………. They have to be typed!

  35. writerscrampshurts says:

    @aitan844 As for me enjoying some real african boody shaking! You don’t have to explain! I know where that came from! African roots the way GOD made it!

    P.S. not to piss anyone else off who reads this comment!(don’t care what you think!)
    Sounds like you are jealous of black american people because you psychologically take everything that I say and twist it around for an arguement including the 1st comment I made! If you remember!

  36. writerscrampshurts says:

    @aitan844 Invite! Where you get that from? If thats what you think! Naw, its a known fact! No one can take history from real africans! You got thangs real twisted! Thats not what I meant ! I believe you know that bye now! I hope so cause if not good luck with the learning and living with the rest of the world! For you trying to say that I’m giving black americans credit before my ancestors ! Wrong! Once again your perceiving my comments backwords!

  37. aitan844 says:

    @writerscrampshurts enjoy some real african bootay shaking.. from the source ..bye!! lmao!!

  38. aitan844 says:

    @writerscrampshurts i came on here and here you are suffering from writers cramp lol! wow.. you know i wont read all this gumpf… thanks for the invite i invite people not the other way around .. cheers..lol!

  39. writerscrampshurts says:

    @aitan844 p.s. It seems that you dont know that hatians are 100% African people they are our ancestors that came from africa too ya know! If you let that marinade in your brain then you would know instead of arguing with the truth! As for you acting like you are above my comments and thoughts! Its a lie! Because you are very contradicting your still going to read this! GOOD! Let it haunt your mind! You are a weak individual to sent degrading comments and scared to get a reply back! MAN UP!

  40. writerscrampshurts says:

    @aitan844 as for the hatians having to do with my belly aching is that once again that is a comparison to how they are our african people that are mixed with alot of our african american people. That is why i brougth that up to give you and idea of why we are stiil the same! As for you not traveling to Louisana I don’t care if you tral your ass to a public restroom! I was simply explaing that part of the south that still has its african roots! Atlanta is not the same as Louisiana two diff states

  41. writerscrampshurts says:

    @aitan844After all you still do not get my point! I will go as far as I have to go because you really do not have a freakin clue to what I have been talking about since day 1! Must I say it again! There is a strong ressemblance between rythym and blues and african beats! Did u jus come to america yesterday? Did you jus begin to learn english today? Because you truly do not know anything about african americans and how we still have a strong similarity to africans which are our ancesstors!

  42. aitan844 says:

    @writerscrampshurts as for the deep south since when it is compulsory for africans to travel there ? lol! get a grip .. Atlanta was as far as i got and am not planning to go any further on any future trips thanks for sharing .. lol!

  43. aitan844 says:

    @writerscrampshurts why are you american blacks so damn angry and aggressive? you need to calm the heck down what have haitans got to do with all your bellyaching? you sent me an angry and aggressive private message and i blocked you .. so if you want to be vicious about my opinion feel free to do so on the boards i dont have any interest nor do i care its your blood pressure going thru the roof .. i wont be replying this silliness anymore.

  44. aitan844 says:

    @writerscrampshurts mr man, i dont have the time or the interest to read” story story ..” dont tell me what to do you dont have that kind of power . am not interested in what you listen to or watch its the INTERNET look up what that means.. you said juju came from r n b and i objected to that comparision as its different type of music.. i know what deep south Rythym and ‘Blues is but this isnt it .. you dont have to acknowlege this fact.. KSA is an ORIGINAL JUJU MASTER end of story .good day.

  45. writerscrampshurts says:

    @aitan in the meantime I gonna continue listen to my fellow brother from anotha motha and keep up the comments like I was writing before! Like, Resembles the south like Louisianna with the Rythym and Blues!

    writerscrampshurts 1 week ago
    too bad you can’t stop me! Oh and that little weak threat you made about me being reported because your a wussy dosnt bother me at all! Go ahead and make my day! You don’t control me! Thank GOD!

  46. writerscrampshurts says:

    @aitan844 Hatians my not live in the motherlands of africa but they are 100% african!
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  47. writerscrampshurts says:

    @aitan844 and what I was trying to get at for the 3rd time now! Is that if you listen and look close enough to africans and african americans we do have a ressemblance in many ways! If you knew any history at all! This music very much sound like louisiana music let alone not just that! Those woman dancing too! You know why? Because in the deep south even still today especially louisiana! There are the african roots still living in those people because they are mixed with Hatian! What is hatian?

  48. writerscrampshurts says:

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