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Question by OMG Becky: How do I decrease the noise coming into my apartment?
I have lived here over three years. I dwell in a duplex and I only have 1 neighbor and that is beneath me. The very last tenant was tranquil and you in no way even knew he was home. This new tenant is specially noisy. For some odd reason, she decides to play her stereo loud between the hrs of 12am-8am. I can hear her opening drawers, closets, vacuuming, all kinds of items in the wee hrs of the early morning even though we are trying to rest. One time her stereo was so loud, it startled my toddler out of her sleep. I have left many friendly messages on her door and I have even spoken to her one particular on 1. She stops for a week or two, then starts blasting the stereo in the center of the night time. I don’t want to phone the cops because I want to preserve the peace with her, considering that she is my only neighbor, she will know i referred to as. Also, because of to the noise from everyone’s central air system, you cannot hear the noise exterior…just within. Do I ask the landlord to do some kind of soundproofing on her finish? We are sick of this. She has hardwood floors and I have carpets with throw rugs all over.
She works in the course of the day, so I know she probably isn’t operating all evening as well. She is just currently being disrespectful. I have three years value of stuff, and I’m not about to swap apartments and neither is she. She had the apartment customized. That is why she has hardwood floors.
Yeah, this spot isn’t soundproofed at all. She’s so large footed, that the photos on my wall rattle when she walks!!!

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Solution by G C
Chat to your landlord about your noise difficulties. Or the residence manager… which ever before 1 you have contact with.

She might just be in a job that leaves her up all night… I’ve never ever actually worked a “day job”, so I can totally sympathize with her becoming up all night.

What would happen if she had the carpeted floors above you? Swap apartments? May possibly be a probability. Seems to me it would be a good deal less difficult to have a ground floor apartment even though toting groceries and this kind of!

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  1. msc says:

    I’m surprised the noise below you is that bad. For me, it’s worse when it’s coming from above. Do speak with your landlord, though, in a friendly manner and see if there’s anything that can be done. Some landlords don’t like to get involved in noise disputes, but your problem is probably a combination of a noisy tenant, and a building built without soundproofing.

    Even if she works nights, I think it would be reasonable for you to agree on a specific hour for vacuuming, and to ask her to keep the volume down on the stereo.

    Asking the landlord to add soundproofing would be reasonable, but I don’t know if it’s possible or feasible.

    Is your furnace in your apartment unit, or is it in a shared basement? If it’s in the basement, some of the noise might be coming through the air ducts, but again, I don’t know if that can be fixed.

  2. reenzz says:

    This a police issue….not a landlord issue.

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