My cat fell off our closet :- Bifold closet doors.

Query by LOUIS H: My cat fell off our closet?
My kitty cat fell of our six ft closet & landed on her rear finish.We have wall to wall carpeting.So that produced the fall less harder.She has been consuming nicely & takin treatment of her responsibilities,she walks great but I could see she is a bit sore .There is no swelling,no limp,just soreness hoping to climb on or off issues.Absolutely nothing would seem broken.How can get something to ease her .

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Reply by mikah_smiles
If her behavior haven’t transformed, then it’s possible she just tore one thing or bruised one thing. Attempt giving her a wonderful warm heating pad or a scorching h2o bottle to sit on.

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  1. Laura K says:

    Take her to your Vet and have them examine her. She might be only bruised and sore, yet a Vet’s exam might tell more of something you’re not noticing.

  2. not_the_doctor79 says:

    with her being as young as she is, she probably didn’t hurt herself too bad. puppies & kittens have rubber like bones. that makes them more sturdy. if she’s still using the resroom ok & not limping or anything she should be fine.
    But, whatever you do – DO NOT give her ANY human medication. tylenol or something like that can be deadly. If you feel like she is in pain or needs medical attention – call your vet or a local emergency vet clinic.

  3. Ely says:

    she seems fine just let it like that in a couple of days itll go away

  4. LabGrrl says:

    If you can afford it, the best bet is visiting a vet. Cats can break bones and not change their behavior much.

    If your cat falls again, one place you should always check is the teeth-they crack teeth from falls (I don’t think a land on the rear will make this happen, though) and this can be very serious.

  5. purrlvr says:

    Awww she probably just bruised her bottom. Give her a couple days it will probably go away on its own if not then you can take her to the vet.

  6. Tess says:

    Take her to the vet to make sure everything is ok

  7. Dixie says:

    She is fine. In a couple of days she will be ready to do it again…No need to worry…

  8. Chalice says:

    If it’s pain relief you’re after, that’s only available at a vets. They will most probably give her an injection and/or oral anti-inflammatories, Also it’s worth getting her checked because cats hide pain so well, it may be worse than it looks.

    A hot water bottle is a pretty good idea though if it is just bruising but like I say you can’t be sure with cats – if she fell on her rear end, she may have damaged her tail, you want to be making sure she can still pee and poo.


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