LUSH and JULIE’S CLOSET clothing brands | Bifold closet doors.

Question by rachelgibbs18: LUSH and JULIE’S CLOSET clothes manufacturers?
I am searching for two particular clothing brands and exactly where I can acquire their outfits. If you know about Lush Outfits or Julie’s Closet, be sure to let me know. Lush Apparel is at present obtainable at Nordstrom, but I am making an attempt to discover yet another location and Nordstrom no longer carries Julie’s Cloest. Any aid is appreciated. Thanks!

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ross! see it there ALL the time…

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  1. ☮SMiLEY♥ says:

    Marshall’s has A LOT of Julie’s Closet…I also saw some of their stuff on clearence a few weeks ago at BP (the Teen section of Nordstroms…). I don’t know about the other brand….Good Luck!!! Oh ya, maybe try their website and/or or, other places like that….

    ~Smiley =D

  2. leslie says:

    im currently looking for julie’s closet brand too. i saw some of their stuff at marshalls and tjmaxx this week and bought two shirts.they have limited amounts of julies closet clothing, and not all the time. im trying to find another place that carries the clothing, but can’t seem to find it.
    for now, marshalls and tjmaxx are your best bets.

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