How to rewire home phone wiring system so my home security system can work with Vonage cable phone | Bifold closet doors.

Question by Aurelia Ramdeo: How to rewire home telephone wiring system so my house security method can work with Vonage cable mobile phone?
I not too long ago switched from traditional landline phone to Vonage cable internet mobile phone. Nevertheless, my home security system can not communicate with the monitoring station as a consequence of disconnecting the telephone line. How could I rewire my property mobile phone wires to make my residence security program operate with the world wide web telephone?

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Answer by car2drive2001
You can not. Your alarm will not communicate through Vonage, or any voip telephone service, besides perhaps your local cable organization. You will have to obtain a GSM cell radio for wireless communication, or go back again to a land line phone.

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  1. Beth says:

    You really can’t. I’ve got a friend who is a pro with home security systems ( and he says that you can try and it might work for a few weeks in a row even, but it’s too hard to keep it working.

    I did some searches on my own because I too was looking to snip my connection to the telco after getting setup with email fax. The forums are FULL of people claiming they are getting cheated by security installers that keep having to come fix IP based phone conversions. The installer forums are full of installers complaining about people with IP phones trying to get monitoring service.

    It’s pretty well established that you really can’t do it, not with a phone based security system. If you get an IP based security system, then you not only get to ditch the phone line, you can get cheaper monitoring fees and more triggers/options for notifications.

  2. Zena Virgel says:

    Internet phone service in not considered reliable for security systems. These type of phone systems can have a hiccup in the audio just like a cell phone does.This can mean a loss of data during the sending of the signal.
    Wireless security system is very good for more details just go to this site

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