How do I stop my dog from barking when the doorbell rings :- Bifold closet doors.

Question by Athabra: How do I stop my canine from barking when the doorbell rings?
Title is quite self-explanatory. Each and every time the doorbell rings, my dog gets up, and runs/barks at the door. It is quite irritating.

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Reply by Sunshineinor
he’s undertaking what he is intended to do, alert you. have men and women knock instead

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  1. Ron H says:

    Disconnect doorbell!

  2. Greg B says:

    close his mouth every time he opens it and say no bad
    i hope this helps it worked on my dogs

  3. moondog says:

    That’s his job. He’s being a good watch dog and alerting you when there is someone on the property. That’s what dogs do.
    Why would you want it any other way?

  4. LALALALA says:

    teach him to be quiet, and practise ringing the doorbell If he does not bark, give him a treat.

    With my dog, we had to go “shhhh” for a while to teach her to be quiet. IT’s really funny…now when we tell her shhhh she puffs out her cheeks and goes pfffft

  5. hannah says:

    get used to it.. he’s being a good guard dog. would u like it if someone broke in and ur dog knew but didnt bark because you taught him otherwise?

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