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(Notice: This guidebook will outline the essentials for putting in most shower enclosures. Every shower door or shower enclosure will have its personal fitting method which should be followed properly.)

With the introduction of the credit crunch and subsequent rise in popularity of renovations, many home proprietors and traders have set their hand to arranging and installing their own bathrooms. So, response to the Diy revolution, we’ve place together this useful guidebook to help you, the budding DIYer, to fit a recess shower enclosure with 3 of the UK’s most well-liked shower door makers.

Recess Shower Door and Shower Enclosure Set up:

The Shower Tray

1st issues first: a shower tray is the very foundation of your new recess shower enclosure. When fitting a tray, it is essential to refer to the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. These directions offer the best way to treatment for the tray and how to prevent hurt in the course of set up. Some very good producers, like MX, Manhattan and London H2o Closet Company (LWCC) shower trays have effortless to adhere to guidelines with their items and they’re also offered to download on the web.

As a basic rule of thumb, when putting in a shower enclosure it’s rather risk-free to assume that most walls have a slight slant and for this reason, it’s a good idea to bury the tray into the wall by about 50 percent an inch so as to make sure a great fit and prevent leakage. You’ll will need to cut into the wall to let for the insert, and then slide in your shower tray. ‘Burying’ the tray saves time and the process of using a sealant or filler for the gap left behind between the wall tiles and tray. It also provides the shower enclosure a considerably more skilled, sleeker physical appearance. When the tray is fitted you will be capable to tile down on to the tray generating a smooth tight complete. A thin bead of silicon along the tile and tray will create a drinking water tight seal and a clean end.

Fitting the Shower Doorways or Shower Enclosure Frame

Virtually each and every shower door you get will have two wall channels. The channels are fixed to the walls possibly side of the recess which will residence your new shower door. The frame of the shower door will slide into the channel on each wall and supply many millimetres of adjustment for untrue walls.

Every wall channel usual has a lip working down 1 extended edge, this lip can be tiled over incorporating extra rigidity to the shower enclosure. In situations where the shower door is changing an existing door the profiles can sit on top on any present tiles. If you are setting up a complete new cubicle it is advised that you fit your tray, then suit the wall channels, making certain they are fitted straight (vertically) making use of a spirit stage. Once these two stages have been finished you can then tile the inside area of your shower cubicle. It’s advisable to tile before you fit your door as you will have a lot more space to move close to and much less restrictions whilst functioning.

Fitting the Shower Door

Now that your shower tray and shower enclosure frame is put in you are ready to hang the shower door area. Some shower doorways like the sliding shower door will will need to be assembled initial. When this carried out you can slide the door into every wall channel either facet. there will be a certain amount of adjustment each aspect of the shower enclosure. This is to account for any untrue walls. When the door is in place and flush at the bottom you can fix the locating screws (typical three) down the aspect of each profile. It is a excellent thought to put one particular screw in each facet and check that the door opens and closes smoothly. the door may possibly require to be slightly adjusted ahead of you place the remaining screws in area.

Finishing Touches to your Shower Enclosure

When you are happy that the door is fitted effectively and that the wheels/hinges are operating easily, it is time to push on the cover caps/strips onto the top and edges of the wall channel. Finally, you will require a dab of silicon in which the metal frame meets the walls and tray, and the modest holes at the finish of the fixed panel. Insert any remaining seal stoppers and you are completed!

Now, you’ll require to leave the shower enclosure for 24 hrs before making use of. It is time to pat yourself on the again and admire your Do-it-yourself development.

Notice: This guidebook will outline the fundamentals for setting up most shower enclosures. Each and every shower door or shower enclosure will have its personal fitting method which ought to be followed effectively.

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