Anybody else had a problem with “doorstep loans” salesmen | Bifold closet doors.

Question by R – G: Anybody else had a dilemma with “doorstep loans” salesmen?
I had this gobshyte get in touch with to my house relating to a Provident loan with an APR of 150% that I was intended to have utilized for online.

I’m sort of pondering if this crap about me obtaining intended to have applied on the internet is aspect of a dishonest income tactic, or regardless of whether a person has stuffed in an application with my title & deal with as a instead undesirable sensible joke.

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Reply by Like a Fox
Not as these kinds of, there have been alot of men and women calling around for insurance coverage which i do not agree with, if folks want insurance coverage they really don’t arrange on the doorstep.
They’re scam artists, you know you didn’t fill in any kinds online and i doubt any person did in your identify, if it occurs once more ask for their name and the corporations title and report them.

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  1. caraohara says:

    You should contact this loan company and ask them …do they do online applications….if they do, then someone has done it for a joke….if they don’t do online application , then they need to know what is going on.

  2. If you say so says:

    As the second answerer said I would call Provident and find out first hand it this was legit.
    Sounds fishy.
    The only people we are inundated with are phone and internet reps.
    I actually had an argument with and Asian man because he was insisting to speak to my husband and he didn’t like my disinterest and refusal to hear his sales pitch.
    Yeah right.
    I actually called Eircom and complained about him he got me so mad.

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